Rob Taylor Live at Crown and Anchor Grande Prairie

Live at the Crown and Anchor December 21st – 26th, 2015

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, this Canadian’s love for creating music has carried him across a good part of our world. Rob’s artistic life began as an enthusiastic child eager to play his Aunt’s piano or hear his Grandfather play harmonica. Since then, his journey has been an inspiration for many great songs. He’s an expressionist whose presentation is full of sound and fury. He stands alone as a musical bard, reeling stories with a spontaneity guaranteed to captivate attention. Rob has also fused his guitar and vocal talents with Celtic, Rock and Blues ensembles. In whatever capacity Rob has worked, he delivers an original perspective and adds a unique blend of sensibility. His voice pushes a long range and has the cadence of Cat Stevens. He grew up with a strong affinity to David Bowie, and Neil Young who remain grafted on the face of his music today.

His early involvement with theater and chamber choirs gave rise to the idea that his own imaginings could be projected on a much grander scale. His style is often considered epic and fit for film scores. His work is testament to a sincere endeavor; a fresh grasp at the abstract; he’s raw and genuinely poetic. He comes across as natural yet anything but ordinary and holds a key element to what makes a compelling story-teller – charisma. Both practice and perseverance have allowed many doors to open for Rob throughout Europe and North America.There are many singer-songwriters out there, but very few who have the whole package such as Rob Taylor.

– Anya Wilson

I’m not easily or frequently impressed, but Rob Taylor is a uniquely talented individual, worthy of attention. There’s nothing manufactured or fabricated about this man’s approach to songwriting or performing. He’s an honest and authentic storyteller, and a compelling singer. I hear enormous potential in Rob Taylor, and I would like to voice my enthusiastic endorsement.
– Jim Valance